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Quality Gymnastics and Tumbling instruction from toddlers thru teens! 

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Class Descriptions:


Preschool (3 & 4 year olds) Nurturing, positive reinforcement gymnastics
classes with a curriculum which will focus in on a child's overall physical
coordination, as they work independently without the parent, building good
listening skills, working on confidence and self-esteem, while improving social
skills with other children. The class is broken up into distinctive segments,
allowing the student to experience 3 different areas of our gym. 45 minutes.

1 Hour Recreation

(5-12 year olds) Students will be placed in classes based on age and ability. Basic gymnastics skills will be taught using step by step progressions in tumbling, balance beam, bars and vaulting. Classes will help increase strength, and flexibility, while developing confidence, discipline, and goal setting.

Rec Plus

An extension of our 1 hour recreation classes, this class is designed for students looking for a "little extra" gymnastics - 4 events per class rather than 3. This program usually sets up well prior to a student moving into an advanced type class. One hour and 15 minutes long, recommended ages 6 to 12.

Back Handspring/ Back Tuck Class
For all those that want to improve upon, and perfect two of the most fundamental skills in tumbling! This 45-minute class will encompass exercises, drills, and the proper body positioning necessary to ensure that the skills are done in the correct manner, and more importantly, are done SAFELY! From start to finish, the back handspring and/or the back tuck will be broken down into each phase of their movements, so that any level of student can gain proficiency and perfecting of these skills and move towards higher progressions of tumbling!


Waiver/Registration FORMS CLICK HERE Tumbling

75 minutes in length, this class is programmed to help students with a variety of objectives, from perfecting beginner tumbling elements up thru advanced techniques like layouts and “fulls”, thru to multi-skill tumbling passes, such as round-off back handsprings. Strength and conditioning are also emphasized. This program is a huge must for those athletes looking to improve existing floor tumbling skills while working on the bigger, high-flying, “skills that thrill”!


Advanced Beginners

90 minute class will involve younger students that have achieved & are proficient at basic beginner skills of floor, bars, beam, and vault, & are not only ready to be challenged by more time in the gym, but to have harder gymnastics skills introduced into their curriculum. Higher emphasis on strength and conditioning starts to be introduced.

2 Hour Advanced Class

Non-competitive training classes will highlight advanced gymnastics skill development, taught in a progressive manner. Goals are of improved overall physical fitness with increases in strength and flexibility. With the expected proficiency in all 4 of the Olympic events, here, the groundwork is laid for the possibility of pre-team or team programs.

Open Gym
Structure without structure, participants get to work on what they want for as long as they want under a coach’s guidance. This 75 minute offering allows students in essence, to design their own class; working on things they need to perfect or just doing skills for fun. Coaches are on the floor at all times for safety, spotting, organization, and corrections.


This "by invitation only" program prepares the gymnast for an opportunity to compete in the upcoming years. The athlete has to show the ability to implement instruction, has strength, flexibility, and is fairly adept at all events, while having the desire and commitment to participate in a year-round program of this nature. One of the primary focuses of this class is to reinforce and perfect gymnastics fundamentals and basics. Event routines are introduced with more advanced skills being gradually incorporated into the child's curriculum.

Team "GYMDAWGS" (Jersey Optional Gymnastics Association) 

J.O.G.A. team level program where students learn and practice advanced skills, routines, and movements in all 4 of the Olympic events. Gymnasts participate in statewide J.O.G.A. meets during the competition season. While during the "offseason" athletes are trained in sport specific exercise routines, and skill development, along with an overall emphasis on physical fitness. Team spirit, fellowship, family and peer support, "personal bests", and sportsmanship are all cultivated so that the child can maximize the experience of this competitive team program. PLEASE NOTE- This program is by coach's recommendation and invitation only, based on many factors such as year-round commitment, skill & strength ability, attendance, and enthusiasm.

We also offer PRIVATE INSTRUCTION for GYMNASTICS, TUMBLING, and CHEER. Discounted if pre-paying for multiple sessions.

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