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Apr 02 2020


Here’s hoping each of you and your families are HEALTHY and as well as they can be given the times we are experiencing.

Without knowing when schools like ours will be able to reopen or what guidelines will be in effect with respect to social distancing, our status is as it was 3 weeks ago when we closed.

So since we are not open, until there is more clarity, tuitions are on hold, with some combination of makeups along with other class and/or camp opportunities to be evaluated once it is determined that we are able to resume our normal daily activities. 

We appreciate the kindness and patience that has been shown our way and hope that everyone will get thru this safely and that we all can be back doing what we do, sooner than later!  

Stay strong, stay positive! #wegotthis #inspiresomeone #strongertogether #gymdawgsnj