SUMMER FAQ Extreme Gymnastics


SUMMER FAQ Extreme Gymnastics

How do the Gymdawg Camps work? 
Our 1/2 day Gymnastics camps run for 3, FUN-FILLED hours on THURSDAYS from 10am till 1pm and are for ages 4 and up. Camps include a warm-up, structured class rotations, games with party activities, lunch, craft-time, where the kids will make an awesome craft that they get to bring home and then, to finish off the day, an open gym. This samples much of what our school has to offer at a great price! 
And, you can take as MANY AS YOU LIKE-the choice is yours! You are not locked in for any extended commitment. And if you take all 8 camps, then you get a nice DISCOUNT as a bonus. Join us for at least 5 camps and take a class, and you'll get ANOTHER BONUS! 

Are WALK-INS allowed for Camps?

We always welcome people coming into our school, but since we have CRAFTS involved in our camps, it would be best if we had as much of a heads-up as possible, like the day before! So call us 1-609-978-9909!
Make OUR CAMPS your THURSDAY FUN DAY; in times of bad weather, we can be your rainy day alternative, or your go-to spot for a great play-date with a pal! 

What about OPEN GYMS for the Summer?
Open Gyms offer great opportunities to come in and work on things that students have been doing and learning from their Summer classes.
It also allows them to create a class of their own if you will, as they can do what they want for as long as they want under a coach's guidance. 
And while we do have instructors on the floor for safety and spotting, it is an open gym, with random age groups and skill levels; so a kid is not going to get the same STRUCTURE as one would get in a regular class.
We LOVE our open gyms, (Summer-Mondays 7:45-9:00pm & Wednesdays 7:05-8:20pm), but not to do instead of classes as our programs offer more of the educational aspects and specific instruction necessary for skill progressions.

JOIN US for our DAWG DAYS and combine CLASSES, CAMPS and OPEN GYMS for an EXTREME Summer of FUN!

Do you offer TRIAL CLASSES?

Year-round, no obligation, $10 TRIALS are ALWAYS available! Call us TODAY to schedule yours! 1-609-978-9909 

What is the feeling about taking "time off" for the Summer?

So much has been written lately about "SUMMER LEARNING LOSS", and our sport has exactly the same concerns as the scholastic and arts entities that have been urging parents to keep their kids INVOLVED so that they don't lose or regress from the things that they have learned.
Truthfully, this portion of the year makes for a perfect opportunity to increase the time doing gymnastics, to KEEP LEARNING, and CONTINUE PROGRESSING, both in mind and body, all while HAVING FUN and MAKING NEW FRIENDS! 
Be reminded that we have scheduled closures in June, while we have Mid-Summer Break in July and then off the end of August, so that's 12 weeks in between the last class of Spring and the start of September, or just about 3 months away for those thinking about skipping the Summer cycle.
Gymnastics requires and needs a lot of practice and repetitions. Taking that kind of time away from a pretty demanding sport like ours might seem like almost starting over once you have returned.

So DON'T let all that you have learned go to waste by having those hard-earned skills take a break!  

We are AWAY a lot in the Summer, should we skip it?

Absolutely NOT! We offer 3 MAKEUPS for the 8-week program so there are ample opportunities to work around whatever vacation plans one may have.  

PRESCHOOL PARENTS! Give your child a BIG EDGE as they prepare to start the school year in September by enrolling in our Summer Gymnastics programs TODAY!